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  • Launch Tomorrow Triangle Audit


    The Triangle Audit focusses on helping you define the fastest path to success with a new product or offering,

    You can explore:

    • How to identify your riskiest assumptions, and how to test it using a minimum viable product
    • How to reach your target customers to validate your business idea
    • How to choose metrics that will be helpful to monitor your own progress
    • Bottlenecks which need to be cleared in order to speed up your progress
    • Anything else related to getting an early stage business idea off the ground
  • Remote Teamwork Audit

    • Review of processes and procedures
    • Company culture and delivery strategy review
    • Toolchain analysis
    • Meeting workflow analysis
  • Remote Work Consultation


    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the way we work, many companies are considering implementing or expanding remote work options for their employees.

    As a manager, you may be wondering how to effectively manage a remote team and ensure productivity while maintaining company culture and communication.

    Our remote work consultation service can help. Luke Szyrmer has extensive experience in successfully managing remote teams and can provide guidance and strategies to help you transition your company to remote work smoothly.

    During the 1 hour consultation, we can cover any of the following:

    • Setting clear expectations and guidelines for remote work
    • Maintaining team cohesion and communication
    • Managing and measuring productivity
    • Leveraging technology to facilitate remote work
    • Ensuring company culture is upheld while working remotely

    Each company is unique and has specific needs when it comes to remote work. That’s why we offer customizable consulting packages to fit your specific needs and