Debugging Velocity eBook


If overapplied, the velocity model starts to break down in usefulness when planning. Help your teams achieve high levels of productivity.

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When building a new product, there is a lot of uncertainty and a lot of pressure. Even in a larger company, where resources are theoretically unlimited, you have top-notch teams, and deep industry expertise, delivering new products requires a mix of numerical finesse in addition to team wrangling.

There’s many It’s possible to over- or under-resource teams, screw up scope with inconsistent expectations, or have unclear outcomes beyond making the new product a big success. Good starting point. But doesn’t make it clear what to do on a day-to-day basis.

This book covers velocity in significant detail using lots of real-world examples, case studies, and specific problems resolved using this framework. In addition, you will discover:

  • Why your ability to release new products quickly as a company is a “do or die” factor in your company’s success
  • How it’s possible for time passing to work to your benefit, rather than being something that holds you back
  • How to figure out if your company’s systemic factors are slowing you down, and why this matters
  • Why realized velocity lies at the root of hitting your team’s target dates
  • How to approach debugging a team’s velocity, as it is a lagging metric by design
  • Why progress relative to a direction matters with new products, as we should expect the milestones to shift many times on successful new products
  • Why over-focusing on velocity can slow your team down, and what to do instead