Remote Teamwork Audit


  • Review of processes and procedures
  • Company culture and delivery strategy review
  • Toolchain analysis
  • Meeting workflow analysis
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Before the pandemic, remote work was typically seen as a touchy-feely employee benefit. Let your people work from home while secretly cringing and hoping they’re actually going to make it for your meeting.

But the reality is that truly remote-first companies are poised to scale. Their teams are aligned. Procedures are clear and documented. A culture designed to onboard quickly, delegate precisely, and ship without the ominous sense of zoom doom. The flow of work follows the sun.

Yet this kind of setup doesn’t happen by accident.

You design your company’s remote or hybrid work model. And defaulting to nothing is a design too, just probably not a good one. Better to prepare your own path, you must know exactly where you are first. The gaps you discover will be your fastest path to high operational scalability and efficiency.