What Nobody Ever Told You About Remote Work…


Get your personal productivity in shape using the latest science, in order to adapt effectively to a hybrid or remote work world.

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This is a book about remote work-as an individual.

You may be thinking “why would I want to listen to a course about remote work? I’ve been doing this for a while now, and I’m fine.” The answer is simple: because you’re interested in becoming more creative, more efficient, and more productive by working smarter.

In short, it’s all about the science. The book helps you understand how your brain works and how to use that knowledge to become more productive, when you’re dialling in.

The truth is remote productivity is not only about time management. Remote productivity is about energy management, where energy management is a skill that improves your well being, relationships, stress-levels and overall quality of life. Remote productivity is about attention management. If you have time on your calendar, but you’re constantly distracted with cookies and notifications, then you’re only fooling yourself. Maybe your boss falls for it, but you still aren’t shipping.

The thing that makes this audio course special is that it doesn’t provide simplistic, generic, untested advice. Instead, it uses first-principles thinking from over a decade of experience–to identify the most important things you need to do in order to succeed at remote work.

You won’t be overwhelmed with a bunch of complex systems. Instead, you’ll learn how to organize your schedule in a way that works for you. In fact, you should be able to combine what I suggest here with different styles of work: project-based, creative, operational, you name it. The first-principles approach was stress-tested over the last 20 years to figure out what actually works.

My name is Luke Szyrmer, and I’m the author of Managing Remote Teams and the host of the Managing Remote Teams Podcast.

I am pretty skeptical by nature. And I read a lot. There’s a lot of time management and productivity advice that frankly is a bit woo-woo, and the only way you can really know if it’s any good is to try it yourself.

Well, I’ve done that for you. I’ve been your guinea pig, so that you can fast-track your way into becoming highly productive when you’re working from home. Using these techniquies, I’ve written best-selling books, run distributed software teams of 20-30 for years, and coached creative engineer founders and their teams remotely. I’ve helped many people apply these techniques to great effect.

In this course, I present proven strategies to staying efficient and hitting your goals, no matter where your day takes you.